Professional Logistics, Cargo and Courier Services In Dubai


Full service package of all types of cargo shipment by aircrafts of different world airlines and reputable container sea freight operators.
Delivery of transit air cargo coming through Dubai and Sharjah to various destinations of the world.


Import-Export services

By organizing receipt of imported and exported cargo in its name (with deposit amount) after customs clearance, the company organizes further export to any spot. Our specialists will calculate for you the maximum profitable routs of movement, which will shorten the time of cargo handling.


Storage Services

We can store commercial and personal cargo (household items etc.) for any duration of time, be it short-term or long-term storage. Your cargo will be placed in our secured warehouse under surveillance of our experienced staff members.


Why You Should Consider Working With US

Tailored Solutions

Our team of experts will evaluate your requirements and provide the optimal service solutions.

World-Wide Reach

A wide network of strategic partners situated around the globe ensure our services are provided to the industry standards world wide.

Own Storage Solution

Our own warehouse in Dubai and our partner warehouses throughout the world are at your disposal to streamline your supply chain.

Reasonable Costs

Providing the optimal solution is half the job, the other is making sure the transportation and logistics costs are reasonable.


Packing and transportation


Freight operations

Courier Services

Our Cargo Freight and Courier Services

Air Cargo

The Air freight is by far the fastest way to get your cargo from point A to point B, it is most frequently used for perishable cargo, but can be used for general cargo also.

Shipping Cargo

The Shipping container freight is by far the most voluminous method of moving goods around the world. It accounts for nearly 80% of world trade by volume.

Overland Cargo

Overland Cargo transportation is essential for landlocked countries that seek an affordable alternative to the costly Air Freight.

Multimodal Cargo

Give us the starting point and destination, and we will craft a competitive route using Multimodal cargo transportation.

Courier Services

Need to send a parcel half way across the world? We got you covered, let us and our partners handle the delivery anywhere in the world.

Our scope of activities

The main activity of the company is transportation of goods anywhere in the world. In particular we specialize on the transportation of goods from UAE to Russia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries. We have an office in Turkey, and we provide freight services to Kazakhstan by own trucks.

We can organize delivery of cargo from China to Russia and Kazakhstan with appointed official customs clearance.

With rich experience in delivery of AUTO SPARE PARTS and AUTO ACCESSORIES, TIRES, FURNITURE, TEXTILES, PERFUMES and so on. , we offer the lowest prices on cargo freight market of UAE and shortest delivery time.

We can deliver your cargo, excluding customs clearance, anywhere in the world! At the moment, actively working with the transportation of cargo to Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

Supply of auto spare parts. Catching freight, as well as having a close partnership with the largest wholesale suppliers of auto parts for Japanese and Korean cars, we can offer directly supply of auto spare parts to Russia and Kazakhstan.

For any questions, call us at +971 (50) 694 04 13 , +971 (50) 848 52 90 or send a message via the contact form and we will pleasure to answer all your questions.