Al Bayan Logistics (AL BAYAN Tourism & Air Cargo) is one of the leading companies in the market of transportation of goods in the UAE and forms part of Group of Companies, which successfully operates in the Emirates market.

The scope of activity of the Group also includes:
  • Sale of Dubai elite real estate ( Rustar Real Estate )
  • Tourism business. Wide spectrum of tourist service in the UAE oriented to customers from CIS countries ( Rustar Tourism )
  • Organization of water entertainment and attractions at Dubai beaches, resorts and fishing in the Arab Gulf waters ( Seven Seas Company ) 
Al Bayan Logistics has rich experience in speed up delivery of transit goods coming through Dubai and Sharjah to Russia, Europe, America, Southeast Asia, China, India, Africa, Australia and also Iraq and Afghanistan.
The highly experienced and attentive personnel, stainless business reputation and branchy network of representatives and agents all over the world allow offering the customers a first class service of transporting any type of cargo in any regions in the world.
The company has a comfortable office in the very “heart” of Dubai business center, as well as a roomy cargo warehouse located between two Emirates: Dubai and Sharjah, which is profitable as well as comfortable for delivery, handling and further sending of goods. Al Bayan Cargo provides all necessary set of service in reception and delivery of its customers’ cargo.
For its successful works the company impartially deserved affiliation to the – FIATA and membership of the UAE – NAFL. The company has acquired large experience in coordination with the Government bodies in the country and large commercial organizations, and in such way it gave a good account of itself in Dubai and Russian markets.
The Dubai profitable geographical location, the large business contacts of the company, as well as the highly experienced specialists will help you avoid unnecessary waste of time and money. Our logistics are always ready, upon your request, to work over the most proper plan of cargo delivery routs at the lowest tariffs and shortest time.
The company’s management includes highly qualified specialists with large work experience in logistic field.