Air Cargo is the ideal way to deliver urgent cargo all over the world.

«Al Bayan Logistics» company carried out a full service package of all types of cargo shipment as proper charters and by aircrafts of different world airlines.

The company has a rich experience in the delivery of transit air cargo coming through Dubai and Sharjah to Russia, Europe, America, South-east Asia, China, India, Africa, Australia and also Iraq and Afghanistan

Thanks to the wide partnership network and the convenient location of the warehouses, we have the ability to provide a qualitative service as well as minimum period of shipment.

Upon your demands, our specialists will select for you the optimal route for cargo air shipment not only from the UAE, but also from any place in any destination.

The company follows a flexible price system. There is discount for regular customers. The company offers express-delivery service.

Air shipping services:

  • Cargo air shipment from any city in the world
  • Customs procedures handling
  • Cargo insurance
  • Pick up-service  – organization of cargo delivery at the take-off airport
  • Taking into consideration our customers requirements and desires
  • Preferential terms and discount for regular customers