Sea shipping is complicated and requires more services and special specialists. Due to the company’s contacts with ship-owners we carry out sea shipping with optimal plan.
The company carries out a full set of services of containerized cargo according to the international standards of containerized shipment.
Loading of cargo in containers is made immediately at the warehouses using modern means of mechanism, the matter, which will shorten the time of loading to the minimum.

Loading on vessels and sending the containers are carried out from Dubai’s Jebel Ali and Rashid ports with preparation of all necessary documents.

Our specialists track the containers movement since departure from UAE till arrival to the port of destination and further to recipient.


Sea shipping services:

  • Consolidated cargo shipping
  • Cooperation with famous carriers
  • Work at Kotka seaports, Saint-Petersburg, Klaiped
  • Ship Freight
  • Containers transit to Moscow or other cities
Type Length, m. Width, m. Height, m. Volume, m3. Weight, kg.
20′ feet 5.89 2.35 2.39 33.1 21700
40′ feet 12.03 2.35 2.39 67.7 26580
40′ feet HQ 12.03 2.35 2.69 76.4 26330