Federal Customs Service has allowed carriers to conduct rapid clearance on the roster , and not each parcel separately.

This was after a meeting with the leadership of ” Russian Post” , FCS and DHL deputy head of the Ministry of Communications Michael Evraev . He explained that the right to draw on inventories departure now has a “Russian Post “.

Within the next month clearance parcels will be conducted only on paper registers , then – electronically . This measure among other things will reduce the documents required for registration of express shipments.

In addition, the parties decided that the price of departure duty-free import to the Russian Federation will be set at around 150 euros , weight – 10 kg. Now Russia can be imported duty free parcels of up to 1000 euros and weighing up to 31 kilograms per month. If you exceed the limit fee will be 30 % , but at least 4 euro per 1 kilogram. In 2012, Russia imported about 7 million of such parcels amounting to 2.8 billion euros.

In late January of this year, a number of express carriers in the Association Express Carriers ( ASEP ) – DPD, ” Pony Express “, DHL, TNT, UPS, FedEx – reported that they plan to stop delivering packages to the Russians. The decision was motivated by the fact that stricter rules on customs made ​​it impossible to maintain the previous level of service.